Mummy Care workshop!

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Today, I’m very excited to announce that I will be co hosting a brand new workshop for mums and babies. To start with there will be a one hour interactive talk with Jacquie Russell a personal development coach and  teacher. Jacquie will help you realise your full potential without ignoring the needs of you family. I will then teach a short baby massage routine, and answers any questions you may have. So come to Jacquie and Clio’s workshop on the 30th October and find out how you can make the changes you need for a better life and happier baby!


Baby massage tips

Here is a short routine showing you how to massage your baby’s legs and feet.

  • Make sure the room temperature is about 24 -27c. The temperature in the bathroom after a bath is about right.
  • Make sure your joints, back and hips are well supported.
  • Preferably the room should be quiet without distractions or interruptions. The baby needs to feel that all your attention is on them.

The Massage

Here are a  few techniques to get you started

  • Place your hands on the baby’s chest, talk to them and ask there permission to being. (This may sound a little silly now, but they really do understand  the tone of your voice)
  • Stroke evenly down the baby’s legs from the hips to the feet stretching out.
  • Placing your thumbs on the soles of the feet, bring the knees up under the tummy
  • Holding at the ankles bicycling in both directions
  • Stroke firmly up and down the leg from hip to foot several times
  • Make a “C” shape with your thumb and forefinger and lightly perform a wriggling action from hip to ankle
  • Squeeze and release along thee length of the leg
  • Hold at the ankle and firmly massage the foot between thumb and forefingers
  • Repeat the second step to finish the massage