Baby massage tips

Here is a short routine showing you how to massage your baby’s legs and feet.

  • Make sure the room temperature is about 24 -27c. The temperature in the bathroom after a bath is about right.
  • Make sure your joints, back and hips are well supported.
  • Preferably the room should be quiet without distractions or interruptions. The baby needs to feel that all your attention is on them.

The Massage

Here are a  few techniques to get you started

  • Place your hands on the baby’s chest, talk to them and ask there permission to being. (This may sound a little silly now, but they really do understand  the tone of your voice)
  • Stroke evenly down the baby’s legs from the hips to the feet stretching out.
  • Placing your thumbs on the soles of the feet, bring the knees up under the tummy
  • Holding at the ankles bicycling in both directions
  • Stroke firmly up and down the leg from hip to foot several times
  • Make a “C” shape with your thumb and forefinger and lightly perform a wriggling action from hip to ankle
  • Squeeze and release along thee length of the leg
  • Hold at the ankle and firmly massage the foot between thumb and forefingers
  • Repeat the second step to finish the massage

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